Isamu Noguchi (1904-1988) was one of the most important sculptors of his time. He was a protean artist who, in addition to his sculpture, designed and created conceptual projects, landscaped environments, earthworks, gardens, plazas, stage sets, furniture and lighting fixtures. The Isamu Noguchi Garden Museum Japan is the fulfillment of Noguchi’s wish that his former studio in Mure be an extension of his museum in New York, that it be a place to inspire artists and scholars. The collection on display (including those on loan from The Noguchi Museum, NY) includes 150 sculptures, many of which are still unfinished.

The totality is his metaphor for the world, an expression of "the notion of the universality of art, especially sculpture, or that which has to do with our environment". This museum preserves the working atmosphere of his studio and also aims to maintain archives which are open to scholarly research. We invite our visitors to experience and enjoy Noguchi’s world through his art and through his unique and timeless interpretation of those eternal verities we all seek.


Upcoming Isamu Noguchi Exhibition in Tokyo

Isamu Noguchi: Ways of Discovery
April 24, 2021 (Sat) – August 29 (Sun)
Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum Exhibition Rooms

A total of 21 works from the Isamu Noguchi Garden Museum, Japan are being loaned to this exhibition (12 stone works, 9 metal works). The exhibition represents a rare chance to see these works in Tokyo and to explore Noguchi’s art in depth.


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