"It’s their world, not a grown-up’s world.
It’s a land in which a person three feet tall can run around.
I want the child to discover something I created for him - and I want him to confront the earth as, perhaps, early man confronted it."

Isamu Noguchi designed numerous play sculptures. The prototype dates back to his playground equipment designs for Ala Moana Park in Honolulu, Hawaii in 1940. Although unfortunately this project was never realized, it represented a fusion of educational function with color, space and shapes. Noguchi’s concept of play sculpture further evolved with the design of a playground in front of the U.N. Building in New York City in 1955 and was realized for the first time with the construction of the Yokohama Children’s Park in 1965. Many of the pieces of play equipment in the recently opened Moerenuma Park in Sapporo are derived from Noguchi’s Playscapes, a project in Atlanta’s Piedmont Park completed in 1976.

Noguchi saw play equipment as elements that bring art into daily life and their shapes represent abstractions of forms found in nature and ancient cultures. In these he invested his vision of the universe, which he bequeathed to the children of the world. While playing on these sculptures, children can converse with the sky, the sun, the moon and the stars - with the entire cosmos - and appreciate the messages they convey.

Jungle Gym A

Size : W.4,592, H.1,180, D.1,215mm.

Jungle Gym B

Size : W.3,540, H.2,895, D.2,585mm.

Jungle Gym C

Size : W.1,200, H.3,010, D.2,585mm.

Jungle Gym D

Size : W.6,280, H.3,925, D.6,280mm.

Triple Slide

Size : W.7,090, H.3,652, D.6,860mm.

Spiral Slide

Size : W.2,440, H.5,893mm.


Size : W.16,685, H.6,688mm.


Size : W.4,875, H.3,300mm.

Play Sculpture

Size : W.2,674, H.820, D.2,674mm.

Play Module B

Size : W.1,500, H.800, D.1,600mm.


* 2 type (Pedestal ; Square or Circle)

Size : W.1,372, H.1,372, D.1,372mm.

Play Cube

* 6 type

A-1 : W.1,200, H.1,200, D.1,200mm.
A-2 : W.1,200, H.2,400, D.1,200mm.
B-1 : W.1,200, H.1,800, D.1,200mm.
B-2 : W.1,200, H.1,800, D.1,200mm.
B-3 : W.1,200, H.1,200, D.1,800mm.
B-4 : W.1,200, H.1,200, D.1,800mm.

Playgroun Module A

* 4 type
A (1) : W.1,650, H.1,350, D.1,650mm.
A (2) : W.1,650, H.1,350, D.1,650mm.
B (1) : W.1,650, H.1,350, D.1,650mm.
B (2) : W.1,350, H.1,650, D.1,650mm.

Playhouse Module

Size : W.3,350, H.1,220, D.3,350mm.

Stair Module

Size : W.1,000, H.1,676, D.1,800mm.

Play Maze

Size : W.1,000, H.600, D.6,000mm.

Slide Mountain

Size : W.17,000, H.4,800, D.17,000mm.

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